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General rules


Tasks that are forbidden on the service

It is forbidden to post and perform the following types of tasks:

  • tasks that involve violations of current legislation (hacking accounts, using or copying copyright objects, forgery of documents, etc.);
  • tasks that require further payment for work outside the service;
  • tasks that could potentially cause harm to third parties (writing negative reviews, disrupting third-party services, etc.).
  • tasks for buying / renting previously created social media accounts.

Users who have posted or agreed to complete such tasks will be banned without warning.


Multiple accounts

 The same person is not allowed to have multiple accounts in the system. If this rule is violated, all detected accounts will be blocked.


User name

You must specify your real name.


Before clicking OK

Pay attention to the system warnings. It is assumed that by giving your consent, you have taken into account all the information.


Communication via chat

To guarantee protection in case of disagreements between the requester and the performer, it is necessary to discuss tasks and send files in the service chat. In case of disputes, the chat correspondence and uploaded files are used for making a decision.

Exchange contacts before transferring a task to work

The exchange of contacts before the task is transferred to the "in progress" status is prohibited.


Respect your interlocutor

Rudeness, profanity and insults in the chat or in the description of tasks are strictly prohibited and entail a ban.


Posting content that violates the law

It is prohibited to upload or post content on the site that is illegal, infringes copyright, or has offensive content.


Offer to transfer money outside the system

Any offer to transfer money outside the system as well as the absence of an explicit refusal of such an offer entails the deletion of the account.


To cheat for rating increase

It is forbidden to create tasks that do not involve the performance of certain work by the selected performer with subsequent payment and review that does not correspond to reality. If such tasks are detected, both users will be banned.


Terms of consideration of claims

All claims for any operations on the service are considered within 14 calendar days from the date of the transaction.


Rules for customers

Contacts in the task description

It is forbidden to specify contact details in the task description.


Requirements that are not specified in the task after the performer's approval

When creating a task, you must specify all the criteria that are most important to you, in order to avoid misunderstandings after the task is completed by the performer. The contractor is not obliged to fulfill the conditions that were not specified or agreed before the start of work.


Adherence to the prescribed deadlines

The customer does not have the right to require the performer to complete the task before the deadline specified in the task or agreed with the performer.

The task completion time starts from the moment the task is " Put to work”.

If the contractor does not meet the deadlines, the customer has the right to submit the task to Arbitration, and it will be decided in its favor.

(Claims for deadlines are considered only if the result was not received from the contractor before applying to Arbitration.)


Deadline for checking the task

A task marked as completed by the performer must be reviewed within 24 hours after it is submitted for review. If the task has not been checked for a long time, the performer has the right to apply to Arbitration. For tasks that have not been verified within 28 calendar days, the arbitration Can transfer 100% of the set cost to the Performer.


Time limits set by the Arbitration

You must respond to the Arbitration's messages and comply with the deadlines set by the Arbitration for checking the task or answering questions. At the end of the set period, the Arbitration will make a decision without the participation of the customer.

Rules for performers

Meeting deadlines for completing tasks

You must meet the deadlines specified in the task. Otherwise, the customer has the right to submit the task to Arbitration, and it will be decided in their favor.


Offer to change the cost after agreeing to the task

The offer to change the price is not acceptable if you agreed to the task. Consent implies that you are ready to complete the task for the specified amount.

If you agree and then refuse, the task will go to Arbitration and your rating will be lowered.


The requirement of payment for the performance of work

It is forbidden to require prepayment for upcoming work or payment before providing the final result of the work. Payment is made only for the provided result.


Unclear tasks and deadlines are too short

Inaccuracies in the wording of the task or inadequate deadlines are not considered as an excuse for not completing the work, since you agreed to such a task.

If the task is not written clearly enough, or it cannot be completed within the specified time period, you should refuse it, specifying the reason.


The task was completed, but it is not checked by the requester

If the task is completed but is not checked by the requester for more than 28 days, the performer can file for Arbitration.

Repeated appeal to Arbitration

If the task is returned to work by the arbitration, it is possible to re-apply to the Arbitration no earlier than 24 hours, or, if the Arbitration response specifies the exact time, no earlier than this time.



It is forbidden to write to the requester in the chat with an offer of services that are not directly related to the open task, as well as after the task is completed.



The rating of performers depends on the number of completed tasks and ratings. The better the score you get, the higher your rating. The rating increases only when you get a positive rating for your work, and decreases for all other ratings.

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